The Odd Fellows at the Dickens Fair

On Sunday, November 19th, at the Cow Palace Arena in San Francisco, members of True Fellowship, Mountain View, Cupertino, and Saratoga lodges, together with their friends, entered the enchanting world of Charles Dickens’s London, not as it was, but as it ought to have been.

The day’s entertainment included reenactors for both historic personas and fictional characters (largely drawn from the works of Dickens himself, naturally). Pay close attention and you might see old Scrooge walking about with a Christmas spirit. There was a festive air at old Fezziwig’s manor, a mystery to be solved at 221B Baker Street, boisterous singing at West Paddy’s and Mad Sal’s dockside establishments, and delicious meat pies to be scarfed down along the way to whatever other charming diversion one was planning to see next.

From famous authors reciting their beloved works, to thrilling performers risking life and sanity for the amusement of their audiences, the Dickens Fair managed to provide non-stop delight and wonder for the Odd Fellows and their guests. Truly, this reporter would love to say more, but really, one simply had to be there. For those who were, you already know, and for those who were not, well, the Fair continues through December 17th, and I could hardly be more enthusiastic in my recommendation to go and experience it for yourself. Tickets can be purchased online at Sometimes, being an Odd Fellow means getting out and doing odd, delightful things, with your Odd brothers and sisters. Hopefully we’ll have enough people to get a group together next year too.