New Initiates, and Some New Colors

Initiation dinner cast photo

True Fellowship 52 welcomes 3 new members – Kash Gorman, Paul Klunder, and Liana Hildalgo. We hosted the Feast of Odd Fellowship for them, a newer initiation ritual that’s only been available for about 6 years. It was our first time doing an initiation in the lodge itself in many years. Normally we have the Cupertino Lodge put it on for us, for which we’re grateful. But the schedule didn’t work this time, and honestly, we have an amazing wardrobe to draw on for our ceremonies, and it was a ton of fun to break it out! While I’m sure we’ll continue to do most of our initiations at our sister lodge, it’s fun to try new things sometimes, if only to know we can.

In other news, since the beginning of May we’ve begun lighting up the lodge building for special occasions. The first was Cinco de Mayo, when we lit the lodge in the Red, White, and Green of the Mexican flag. Then for Mothers Day weekend, we lit our lodge in pink and purple. This weekend, for Memorial Day, our lodge is decked out in Red, White, and Blue. Whenever the lodge is lit in this manner, we’ll update the picture on the website, so even if you can’t make it to San José, you can still appreciate our pretty lights, and we’ll have an updating gallery so you can see how the lodge has looked at different times.

The lodge lit up in red white and blue for Memorial Day