A Baker’s Dozen Initiatory Degrees And One Charming Associate

So far in 2023, our lodge has welcomed 13 new members by initiation. The degree team at Cupertino 70 did a fantastic job helping the new members understand our order and prepare them to be a part of it.

Our new members are:

  • Alex Gentile
  • Alexander Litfin
  • Allison Raines
  • Rebecca “Bex” Clark
  • Chris Parker
  • Evonne Litfin
  • Gregory Gentile
  • Helmuth Litfin
  • Honor Wolf
  • Jeff Rively
  • Sara Bruce
  • Scott Spence
  • Zandria Elbert

Along with our new associate member, Jun Alcid, we’ve added a total of 14 new members so far, making True Fellowship one of the fastest growing lodges in the state.

And we’re just getting started.

Initiation on January 30th
Initiation on February 27th