District Six Candidate Forum

District Six Candidate Forum

January 24, 2024

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Question 1 - How can we support our non-profit community spaces?

Question 2 - How can the city support the growth of its small businesses?

Question 3 - What can the city do to promote afforable housing, and house the unhoused?

Question 4 - How do we build in a way that's sustainable?

Question 5 - How would you balance the city's budget?

Question 6 - How would you promote public safety?

Technical difficulties prevented this question from being recorded. We apologize that it could not be shared here.

Question 7 - Whether or not the Google Village project is ever built, how should the city work with Google going forward?

Question 8 - How should the city celebrate its upcoming 250th anniversary?

Closing Remarks

Michael Mulcahy

On Wednesday, January 24th, the San José Odd Fellows invite you to come and meet our candidates for the district 6 city council election. Get a chance to meet them in person and see for yourself which of these four people you'd most like to support in the upcoming March 5th election.
This is not a debate: it is a CIVICS FORUM! This format was chosen because debates tend towards candidates bashing each other, rather than focusing on clearly communicating what each candidate actually supports. A forum helps you discover who is the BEST candidate to serve our community: unlike a debate, which frequently leaves people disgusted with all the candidates, prompting voters to resign themselves to the "least worst" candidate. We want you to be excited about your voting options, and our Civics Forum aims to do that!

  Event Schedule

  • 6:00-7:00PM
     Candidates and residents mingle in the dining area.
  • 7:00-8:30PM
    Candidates answer moderated questions in the main hall.
  • 8:30-9:00PM
    Attendees may use this time to sign up as volunteers with their preferred candidate, get signs, or simply ask additional questions.

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The Candidates

Candidates have each provided a statement and headshot. They are listed below in alphabetical order by first name. The San Jose Odd Fellows is not making any endorsement in this election.

Alex Shoor

"I am foremost a community advocate aiming to build a community that’s safe, thriving, welcoming, and affordable for all residents in San José. My approach is upstream policymaking, meaning solving issues earlier before they get worse. After serving 4 years as the Executive Director of Catalyze SV, 8 years as a City of San Jose Housing & Community Development Commissioner, 3 years as a Policy Aide to Supervisor Ken Yeager, and a career full of working to do the most good for the most number of people, I'm ready to bring my passion for public service, commitment to the community, policy ideas, and entrepreneurial experience to District 6 and the San Jose City Council. By building community, we address San Jose's most pressing issues - I have the experience and expertise to do just that."

Angelo "AJ" Pasciuti

Angelo Pasciuti

"I began my journey of service at 11 as a Boy Scout, later joining the Marine Corps at 17 following the attacks of 9/11, where I fought, was wounded, and watched as friends made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of the American ideals of unity, empathy, and respect. Guided by my Italian immigrant father's belief in education, I reshaped Marine Corps educational doctrine, instilling confidence and creativity in future leaders, simultaneously earning my MBA from USC. Upon returning home, I have a renewed passion for service and a commitment to results demonstrated through decades of hard work, determination, and service to our country. As your advocate, I pledge transparent decision-making and maximizing our tax dollars for sensible solutions, including data-driven solutions to homelessness, increased public safety, and a measured approach to residential and commercial development.

-We are in charge of our own story.

Eagle Scout, Purple Heart, Multiple Medals for Leadership and Valor in Combat"


Michael Mulcahy

Michael Mulcahy

"I am a local small business owner who was born and raised in Willow Glen, and, alongside my wife Kimberly, have brought up our daughters right here in District 6. As a proud third-generation son of San José, I have worked my entire life to foster a stronger and safer city for all our families. From opening small businesses to serving community organizations — including San José Downtown Development Strategy Task Force, Team San José, Children’s Musical Theater San José, and Willow Glen Business Association — I am committed to supporting our neighborhoods, creating economic opportunity and making San José the safer, stronger, and more family-friendly city I know we can be. I love this city, but I am not blind to the challenges we face — crime rates, homelessness, and a bureaucracy in City Hall that doesn’t seem to work for us — and it's time we implement real, lasting solutions for our neighborhoods, and I am ready to champion our priorities on the City Council."


Olivia Navarro

"Born and raised in District 6, a mother of three, a resident of College Park in her early adult years, an active St. Leo's community member and now living in Willow Glen. As a community organizer, labor leader, businesswoman, and District 6 San Jose Neighborhood Commissioner since 2016, she's championed good-paying jobs, affordable housing, and clean, safe streets. Now, appointed by the Mayor to the Measure T Oversight Committee, Olivia amplifies her voice even further. Rooted in District 6, Olivia's unwavering commitment drives her run for City Council. From revitalizing parks and tackling blight to responding to disasters and repaving streets, she's made our neighborhoods safer for everyone – pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike."


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